Our  class focus is to create the happiest version of you and by combining the power of movement with authentic social connection, we’re creating a space where you can build strength, confidence and empowering friendships.

Fusion Punch – Boxing

Progressive. Sweat.

A combination of strength, cardio and boxing. The combination of training you know you wanted but never could find. High output for 45 minutes that will challenge your cardio system as well as your muscle endurance.

Suitable for all levels of training.

Flex Sweat – reformer Pilates

Reformer but different.

A 50 minute reformer session that combines speed and pace to get your body working in multiple energy systems. An advancement from standard reformers that will tone and define muscle. Reformer like you haven’t seen before that will have low impact, high output.

Suitable for students who have practise reformer pilates before.

Flex – reformer Pilates

Focus. Control.

This session is about the essential reformer work that will keep you under tension for the whole 50 minutes through this low impact class that will leave you burning.

Suitable for all levels of training.

Fusion Burn – Mat Pilates


Floor Pilates aimed at toning your body. High and low paced classes that will focus on the core elements of Pilates mixed with the new era of Progressive and Barre Pilates