Our  class focus is to create the happiest version of you and by combining the power of movement with authentic social connection, we’re creating a space where you can build strength, confidence and empowering friendships.

Club Cardio


Where Pilates meets high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for the ultimate full body workout. Get your heart racing as we transition from Pilates-inspired moves to explosive bursts of cardio exercises in this 45 minute circuit style class. Ideal for the Pilates lover who likes to work hard and break a sweat. 

Suitable for all levels. This is a community class, friends & fam welcome!

Power Reformer

Elevate. Align.

Elevate your strength training with Power Reformer. This 50 minute class maximizes the potential of the Reformer machine to build muscle, enhance strength, and deliver a high-energy, empowering workout. This is an intermediate/advanced level reformer class that will challenge your physical and mental strength. 

Not suitable for first timers and if you’re 12+ weeks pregnant. We recommend completing 10 Essentials Reformer classes before attending Power Reformer.

Fusion Barre

Condition. Stamina

A fitness style barre class combining bodyweight and equipment based pilates exercises in a seamless flow for a total body workout. Our Barre classes are designed to condition the body within, challenge your balance and improve stamina. Expect pumping tunes and a whole lot of pulsing. 

Suitable for all levels.

Fusion Circuit

Results Driven.

Fusion Circuit is a 45 minute effective and results driven workout that combines strength and cardio exercises. Get your heart rate up as you seamlessly work through this 5 station circuit-style class. Expect to work with intensity and build strength endurance.

Suitable for all levels.

Jump Reformer

Low Impact. High Results

Get ready to jump into action with our Jump Reformer class! This open level dynamic workout will challenge your entire body while working up a sweat. It’s low impact with high results, easy on your joints while up leveling your Pilates routine. Expect pumping tunes and a deep burn. 

Suitable for all levels.

Essentials Reformer

Elevate. Align.

Elevate your Pilates practice with our Essentials Reformer class. Using a variety of props, this 50 minute workout is designed to challenge the whole body, while focusing on alignment and strengthening from within. This will quickly become your new obsession. 

Suitable for all levels

Fusion Burn

Maximum Burn. Minimal Chill

Not your average Mat Pilates class. This 45 minute high-energy, low-impact session combines a variety of props and non-stop flowing moves to deliver a maximum burn with minimal chill. Get ready for a full-body workout that will leave you feeling energised. 

Suitable for all levels.